Saints Street Apartments Branson, Missouri

Project Description

In 2014, North Star Housing partnered with Developmental Connections for a 100% special needs project for the developmentally disabled. This development features a cluster of independent living facilities for individuals and families with developmental and physical disabilities.

Residents in the project will include those who have a developmental disability due to a mental or physical impairment that is expected to continue indefinitely and which substantially limit the persons ability to live independently, and is of a nature that such ability could be improved with more suitable housing conditions.

Support services provided within this project will be specifically tailored to meet the unique individual needs of the residents. The design is consistent with other buildings in the neighborhood and incorporates universal design in all units, with eight of the units being fully ADA accessible. This project was awarded funding for the 2015 tax credit allocation round and is currently in the planning phase with construction to begin in the summer of 2015.

Project Details

  • Partnered with Developmental Connections of Taney County.
  • Housing for families with children living with disabilities.
  • Eight fully accessible ADA units.
  • Universal design in all units.

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